Janet Macoska  
photo by Jean Schnell Photography
Rock and Roll Through The Lens
of Janet Macoska
If rock and roll has been the soundtrack of your life, photojournalist Janet Macoska has provided the visuals.  Since 1974, Janet Macoska has been capturing rock's greatest on film.  Among the publications that have used her photos are Rolling Stone, People, US, Vogue, American Photo, Creem, 16 Magazine, The NY Times, and London Times.  VH1 and other TV and film productions regularly use Macoska's vast rock archive for their "rockumentaries".  Her work is in the permanent collection of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, The National Portrait Gallery in London and in Hard Rock Cafe restaurants, casinos and hotels all around the planet.  David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Clash and The Kinks are just some of the artists who have used her work on their cds. She was also the Cleveland Indians photographer from 1975-1985.
How Rock and Roll Made Me A Better  Photographer - by Janet Macoska
 "Photographing rock and roll has been the perfect training ground for any situation I may EVER deal with in photography, no matter whether it's shooting a trade show, corporate event or a wedding.  Covering the world of rock and roll taught me infinite patience, how to see light (constantly changing stage lighting will do that!), internally knowing and catching the "moment" and capturing emotion.  I love to photograph people and to tell their story.  If it's corporate or business-related, they may use my work for marketing and I understand how to get what they need.  If I'm shooting a wedding, I understand the responsibility of telling the story of this momentous occasion with sensitivity and beauty, while staying as inconspicuous as possible.  Photography is not just my job, it is still very much my passion and joy."